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Under The Roaches

Lost in the thick of The Roaches woods

The weather around this time of the year can be damp, drab and generally gloomy even sometimes depressing! Us photographers are constantly weather watching and normally admiring stunning sunrises & sunsets as we drive to and from work cussing that we have missed a prime photo opportunity. Irrespective of these drab weather conditions deciding what […]

Peak District Water Colour Painting

A rendition of St Bartholomew’s Church in Butterton, Peak District

Peak District Water Colour So a few months ago a lady by the name  of Dorothea emailed me asking if she could paint one of my landscapes, I’ve had a handful of requests in the past and I will always allow anyone to paint one of my scenes because lets be fair, there not mine […]

The Great Ridge

Stunning Peak District Sunrise on the Great Ridge

The Great Ridge in the Peak District National Park is one of those places that you should admire and walk at least once in your life! its an extremely easy location to get too by car and the walk would be suitable for all ages, with stunning 360 degree views all year round and paved […]

Wolfscote Dale

White Peak District Landscape Photography

Wolfscote Dale is probably one of my personal favourite places to visit in the White Peaks, its baroness and stunning limestone formations  with the River Dove carving its way through the landscape forming one of if not the best place to walk in the White Peaks. Wolscote Dale is geographically located along the River Dove which […]