First Landscape Photography of 2016
I thought I would share my first landscape photographs of 2016 with you, so far 2016 has been rather slow for me. The miserable weather has not helped, I watch the social media sites and no one is posting any new content, a lot of archived images being posted and some harsh seascape images of waves crashing over the sea defenses.
Chrome Hill in the Peak District
Chrome Hill along with Parkhouse, Hollins and High Wheeldon are the oldest exposed sedimentary limestone rock formations in the Peak District National Park formed over 300 million years ago and deposited over a period of about 20 million years into a shallow tropical sea.
Best Images of 2015
2015 didn’t see me venture out with my camera very often, I looked over my archives and counted less than 10 times this “Life” malarkey can be testing at times and its always hard trying to find the right balance, however life for me changed in October as I handed in my notice at work which gave me the chance to spend more time with my family and get out with the camera.
Stanage Edge
Stanage Edge is located in the Dark Peak of the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire, If you look at its location in relation to the Peak District on a map its just slightly North of the center mass, making it an extremely easy to access location for many, with it being just 25 miles from the center of Sheffield you can see why it gets so many visitors year round with stunning views dominating the high ground the edge can be seen for miles away and its a place where I have personally only been a hand full of times as I tend to stay in the White Peak or the South West Peak as it is over an hours drive from home for me.
Roach End Barn
I only live a short 30 minute drive from Roach End Barn but I always seem to overlook it, I don’t know why I tend to ignore it probably because I have visited it so many times, to the point Ive lost count over the years and I have become complacent and often drive straight past The Roaches all together now. Roach End Barn is situated in the South West Peak area of the Peak District National Park, which is similar terrain to the Dark Peak with its Open Moors, Moorland Hills, Ridges and Enclosed Gritstone Uplands.
Saddleworth Moor
Saddleworth Moor lies in The Dark Peak which is the Northern region of the Peak District National Park. The Dark Peak is commonly know for its more rugged and wilder environment, its referred to the Dark Peak for its largely uninhabited moorland plateau where almost any depression is filled with sphagnum bogs and black peat, and Saddleworth in my opinion is a prime example along with Kinder Scout. I’ve never visited the area before, its a 3 hour round trip from mine so with a week of work I treated myself and took the drive up and I wasn’t disappointed with the views!
Under The Roaches
The weather around this time of the year can be damp, drab and generally gloomy even sometimes depressing! Us photographers are constantly weather watching and normally admiring stunning sunrises & sunsets as we drive to and from work cussing that we have missed a prime photo opportunity.
Peak District Water Colour Painting
So a few months ago a lady by the nameĀ  of Dorothea emailed me asking if she could paint one of my landscapes, I’ve had a handful of requests in the past and I will always allow anyone to paint one of my scenes because lets be fair, there not mine scenes, ive just been in the right place and the right time, some planned some not to capture the light and the beauty unfold before me!!