The Roaches in Staffordshire

I decided to give The Roaches in Staffordshire a visit. Its not far from mine I live in all fairness a short 30 minute drive away but I’ve always neglected The Roaches for Landscape Photography simply because when I first started shooting the weather was always so unpredictable and there was other places where you could guarantee a good shot. As the years have passed I have always admired other photographers scenes from The Roaches and kicked myself for not being persistent enough.

Sunrise on Mam Tor in the Peak District

December has been a gloomy month for photography, well landscape photography that is. I watch the Social Media sites and Flickr for any interesting images of the Peak District and a common theme at the moment is how the weather is not playing ball. I agree whole-heartedly its drab and gloomy with no light and lots of rain!