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I have managed to keep active on Flickr since I began taking images and im really glad I did. To be fair its about the only social media platform I have really enjoyed for sharing pictures and which I kept active on today.

Uploading images to Flickr is very easy you can do it straight from Lightroom and I tend to upload them to Flickr even before uploading to my website. After all isn’t that what social media has done, make everything more instantaneous and available? I know it isn’t right if your trying to build a nice website.

Flickr in my opinion is one of the hardest social media platforms to get followers on because everyone is a keen photographer. As I write this I have over 1.6K followers on my Flickr account which has taken me a few years to earn, where as I managed to get close to 1K followers on Instagram in 3 months just by posting old images from… Flickr, ironic really.

If you have landed on this page and see an image you would like to use or purchase and cannot find it on my website then it probably means ive not had the chance to upload it to my website yet. Just drop me an email via my contact me page and ill get it added as soon as possible for you.

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