Kase Filters Review – Neutral Density Filters

Camera Filters… No not the Instagram or Snapchat filters! Neutral Density Filters or ND Filters that balance your exposure to 18% grey, used by landscape photographers. In this article I review some Kase Filters. Love them or hate them you either use filters or you don’t. I am one of those photographers that does.

Saal Digital – Acrylic Print Review

I recently submitted an application to review an Acrylic Glass Print by Saal Digital based out of Germany and in due course was accepted provided I wrote an honest review of the product and service received, so here goes! As a landscape photographer I don’t see many landscape prints printed on gloss or acrylic finish, it’s just not done simply because when we admire landscapes in person

Lee Filter Holder vs CliK Elite Filter Holder

I decided to put together this comparison of two filter holders that I own, the Lee Filter Holder Vs CliK Elite Filter Holder after using the Lee Holder for over 12 months I just recently decided to try the CliK Elite Filter Holder, after my Scotland Photography for a Week trip, I bumped into a photographer that was using the CliK Holder and it looked great for my set-up.