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Saal Digital – Acrylic Print Review

I recently submitted an application to review an Acrylic Glass Print by Saal Digital based out of Germany and in due course was accepted provided I wrote an honest review of the product and service received, so here goes!

As a landscape photographer I don’t see many landscape prints printed on gloss or acrylic finish, it’s just not done simply because when we admire landscapes in person they are never glossy or vibrant to our eyes and for that reason always a matte or lustre finish is preferred and a textured paper to finish. I had just returned from The Photography Show in Birmingham and admired the acrylic wall mounted prints in various sizes and genres and admired how sharp, vibrant and well the colour contrasts all worked so well together.

I decided that I wanted to get one printed and with Saal Digital offering me a discount I decided to be bold and order a recent landscape shot from a trip to Scotland where myself and a friend camped up on Sgorr Tuath in Assynt.

Wild Camping Scotland
Best ever selfie up on the summit of Sgorr Tuath where we camped for the night. Something I wont forget for a long time. This image is also available without me in it.

This is the photo I decided to print of myself (best selfie ever!) taken at sunrise on the summit of Sgorr Tuath.

Exporting the print from Lightroom and importing it into Saal Digital standalone software was extremely simple they even provide print profiles for Lightroom, it was effortless and took 10 minutes maximum once I had familiarized myself with the layout. I opted for a 20cm x 40cm print at 5mm thickness. I placed the order and got a tracking code.

The print arrived in 3 days and was well protected for transit, I was also more than happy as most UK suppliers would have taken the same time frame to arrive. Upon opening the print I was instantly impressed with the quality of the product and how good it looked. I was so pleased that I decided to be a little bold and order a landscape image, I think it works extremely well.

A print from Saal Digital
A recent print ordered from Saal Digital

As for the product I can’t actually find any faults with it, and I’m one of those persons that can find fault with anything and have extremely high attention to detail. If I had to complain about anything it would be the size… it needs to be bigger! Much bigger but that’s my fault for not getting my wallet out.

It’s hard to explain the finish on the acrylic print, my photographs just don’t do it justice, it’s like class and crystal clear. The colours and tones are vibrant and the image is razor sharp to the eye.

Saal Digital Acrylic Print
An Acrylic Print from Saal Digital

I guess for me the price of the product is also important as is the overall quality, especially if you have to sell the print. Quality comes first over price when trying to sell a print of course and this would reflect the price of the product.

So how do Saal Digital compare to other UK suppliers? Well I compared the price of the same product with 3 other main UK suppliers and Saal Digital were the cheapest including delivery which is impressive considering they are based out of Germany and also because the quality is fantastic for the price.

In hindsight I wished Id ordered a larger one!

Unique, exclusive, individual!

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