Torside Reservoir Overflow Outlet Monitor

You’re probably wondering what this page is all about… I have visited Torside Reservoir 6 times now over the last 3 years to photograph the unique overflow system that the reservoir has.

Unfortunately to my disappointment, it has never been overflowing! The closest I got was in Oct 2019 when I managed to visit a day either side of it overflowing,  Somewhat frustrated and annoyed with myself, as its a 1hr 30 drive from home and for not getting the shot I wanted I wondering what I could do to rectify this situation.

I decided to invest some time into creating a solution to the problem.It’s Probably a bit of an overkill in all fairness, but nevertheless I like to code. I have recently been investing some time learning Google Sheets Apps Script (JavaScript) over the last few months to utilise with Google Sheets, so I decided to have a play and created the 2 below charts utilising a dataset from and exporting a Google Sheet as a JSON Array Object into Highcharts.

To take it a step further I also set up a Google Sheet script to email me when the water level reaches 0.12m (overflows at 0.14m) so I can time my visit and hopefully capture the overflow in the right conditions. Fingers crossed!

I did think about sharing how I did each step of the problem by sharing my code, but it’s not really photography related is it, so haven’t botherd, anyway. I hope someone finds this page useful, and if you want your email adding to the notification list when the level reached 0.12m just drop me an email and ill add it.

Current Water Level

Until Overflow

The overflow outlet will be overflowing if the gauge is in the red zone at 0.14m

Torside Overflow Historical Data

Torside Overflow Outlet

Torside reservoir overflow
Torside reservoir overflow not overflowing. Its very close but not quite. Image taken on 8th October 2019 at 18:28 (Google Pixel 3 XL)

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James – thanks for the work you’ve put into this. Please can you add my email – I wouldn’t mind trying to catch the overflow at some time. Thanks

Thanks, Ian. I have added you to the notification script. You will recieve a email when the level reaches 0.12m

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