Llanddwyn Island Photography

Llanddwyn Island or Ynys Llanddwyn as its known in Welsh is in Anglesey, North Wales. Its a small island off the southern region of┬áNewborough Forest. I’ve visited the island now 3 times in the last 14 months and I think on this recent trip I got extremely lucky with the weather, because no sooner had I jumped in my car to go home the heavens opened for a good “April Showers” down poor.

Talacre Lighthouse & Beach

Talacre Lighthouse & Beach resides within a short 5 minute walk from the small holiday village of Talacre in North Wales, Flintshire. Its real name is Point of Ayr Lighthouse, but many people refer to it as Talacre Lighthouse.

Sunset on Llanddwyn Island

Llanddwyn Island I’ve been to Llanddwyn Island twice now, once in April 2013 where I came away with just 2 images after my Nikon D7000 and Benro Tripod got blown over the edge of a small cliff (10ft) which broke my camera, I say broke, it just about worked in Manual mode so I was still able to get a few images, however the icing on the cake on that occasion which finished the evening of was the rain coming in from the Irish Sea towards me, I would have preferred to call it “Sideways Rain”as it wasn’t falling vertically but hitting me horizontally!!

Stranded Boats in Dulas Bay

I’m currently working in North Wales for the next 12 months and only get limited free time after work to go out and enjoy the stunning welsh countryside that I have become extremely fond of over the last few months.